COVID-19 Response

  • Again, we want to keep you updated on our response to the ongoing changes we are experiencing with regard to COVID-19.  Our Elders and Pastor Larry met on Monday to pray and come up with a plan for our church as we move forward into these unprecedented times.   Based on the recommendation coming from their time of prayer and conversation, as well as the guidelines set in place from our governments, we as a church have decided to suspend all in-person ministries/gatherings including our three Weekend Services.  This means we will not be holding services on Saturday or Sunday but will be replacing them with one online experience on Sunday mornings at 10:30am for the foreseeable future.  This also means we’ll be rolling out new ways and exploring different ideas to stay connected and reach those around us. (more details in Q & A below)   In times like this, VISION is critical.  In order to physically see colours, shape, and depth, we need a source of light.   It’s critical that we look to Jesus as our source for light, trusting that He will lead us and help us to see where we need to go.   In times like this, our LEADERSHIP will stand out.  And by “our” we mean all of us - the Church.  And by “leadership”, we mean our influence.  Because how we live on social media, in the grocery store or with our families is seen and leaves a mark of influence on people.   And this INFLUENCE becomes our TESTIMONY to the Good News of Jesus Christ.   We want our testimony to be one marked with the Good News of Christ’s love.  And so it is in love, that we partner with our community and our government to help reduce the spread of this virus.  Let us remember that the mercy God has extended to us, is now to be extended through us.   We encourage our church family to stay close to Jesus, prioritize Him, because He is actually what we need most.  We need the peace of God to quiet our own anxious thoughts. We need the strength that comes from the joy of the Lord to return to our weary souls.  And we need the hope that comes from the security of our Heavenly Father’s love.   With our affections on Christ, together our testimony will be amplified and we’ll influence with the unmistakable power that comes from Christ through His Holy Spirit.


What about weekend Services?

Currently, we will be hosting one online service on Facebook at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.  They will be recorded live at our COG-Campus and will include: prayer, a kids feature, message and worship.  Take this as an unique opportunity to worship together as a family and bring the conversation about faith in Christ to your living room.  (link will be posted on home page)

What if I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still watch?

Currently, our settings should allow you to still stream our service without a Facebook account.  However, you may have to close a pop-up window that will prompt you to sign-in.  We will link to the livestream on our homepage at 

Can I attend the recorded live service?

Unfortunately, we are NOT allowing anyone who does not need to be present.

What about meetings/appointments/programming at the office or downtown?

All our physical locations are currently closed to the public and our staff have the option to work from home.  If you have a need and would like to speak with our staff, please give us a call at the office (306-693-5818) or send us an email and we’ll forward your message to the appropriate person.  We are working towards online options for some of our weekly programs, so please stay tuned to our Facebook page (, Facebook Group ( and our Website for further updates in this regard.

What about LifeGroups?

We are asking all of our LifeGroups to cease meeting together in homes.  We will be working with our leaders on ways to stay connected virtually.  

What about other events?

Due to the unpredictable time frame of our current situation, and the amount of time required for advanced planning, we have cancelled all public gatherings including but not limited to VBS, Easter at Mae Wilson, Watoto Choir, the Women’s Retreat and all weekly programming.  However, please stay tuned for the possibility of any virtual church experiences.

What about giving tithes/offerings?

We appreciate your continued generosity and one can still give online through our website at  If you have questions, or need assistance please contact our CFO, Corelie at 306-693-5818 or via email at 

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